👋🏻 Hey all! My newly launched website ClipGPT promises to summarize and categorize your bookmarks and notes with AI

Introducing ClipGPT: A Fun and Frisky AI-Powered Bookmarking and Note-Taking Platform

April 13th marks the launch of ClipGPT, a brand new bookmarking and note-taking platform backed by OpenAI’s GPT API to improve how you discover, save, and interact with content — be it something you find online or some thoughts of your own you’d like to save and curate. ClipGPT provides intelligent summarization and categorization, collaboration, and a host of other innovative features designed to enhance productivity, knowledge sharing, and discoverability.

  • 🤖 AI-Generated summaries and labels
  • 👫🏻 Follow your friends
  • 🏷️ Follow your favorite labels
  • 👩🏻‍💻 Browser addons for easy saving
  • 🗒️ Interact with bookmarks, notes, and Markdown
  • 🔑 Private profiles
  • 🔒 Private bookmarks
  • 🚀 Emoji labels
  • 🎨 Image bookmarks with GIF support
  • 📔 Why not? Save regular notes too!
  • 🤑 Rich media embeds
  • 🌐 “Explore” feed for bookmark discovery
  • 🗄️ Browse your bookmarks by website
  • 📧 Email bookmarks to your account (PRO+)
  • 🔼 Import bookmarks from other services (PRO+)
  • 🔈 Audio Transcription (Infinite)

Experience AI-Powered Summarization and Categorization

At the core of ClipGPT is an AI-engine that intelligently summarizes and categorizes your notes and bookmarks. Users no longer need to manually sift through piles of information, as ClipGPT curates content in a way that is easily digestible and accessible.

Explore New Content and Follow Friends

ClipGPT’s “Explore” offers a curated selection of trending content, giving users a chance to discover something new across the entire platform, whereas the “Feed” gives them an easy way to digest the things tha the people they follow are saving to the platform. Users can also follow “labels”, which provides an opportunity to follow topics of interest on a deeper level. Users can also interact through comments on specific shared items within the platform, and everything is markdown enabled for a deeper level of customization.

Collaborate with Public and Private Groups

ClipGPT encourages collaboration by allowing users to create and join both public and private groups. These groups are a more deliberate option on top of the AI-smarts, which allow content sharing and discussions around a specifically curated collection of bookmarks and notes. Perhaps you have a few close friends that share a similar interest in a topic, or you are collecting ideas for your home with a significant other.

Power User Features for Enhanced Productivity

For users seeking advanced functionality, ClipGPT offers features such as emailing links directly to their profile, importing bookmarks from other tools, and a very cool feature that transcribes and summarizes audio content into text format using the Whisper API.

“I’m super excited to show ClipGPT to everyone,” said Danny Peck, Founder and lead developer of ClipGPT. “It’s a love letter to the Internet that I feel combines the best part of these types of tools from an older time of the web, but with something modern and brand new on top. I hope it will be something people get a joy out of using.”