Artist banned, told to “find a different style” since his is too similar to AI-made art

A Muse in the Warzone

The above image is not AI generated. It’s the work of an artist who goes by the name benmoran_artist. After submitting this to a popular subreddit of 22M followers, he was banned by the moderator for “looking like AI art.” After reaching out to the moderator of the subreddit, he was given this incredibly flippant response.

I don’t believe you. Even if you did “paint” it yourself, it’s so obviously an AI-prompted design that it doesn’t matter. If you really are a “serious” artist, then you need to find a different style, because A) no one is going to believe when you say it’s not AI, and B) the AI can do better in seconds what might take you hours. Sorry, it’s the way of the world.

Subreddit Mod

The artist then went public on his Twitter page where he showed his art process and further references.

Ben Moran on Twitter

He has since reposted the drawing to r/Drawing where it has been more welcomed.

The Smile: Tiny Desk Concert

The Smile performing for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series

If you like Radiohead and haven’t been introduced to The Smile yet, you’re in for a real treat. This is a great performance of 3 songs off of the band’s debut album. “Skrting On the Surface” gives me serious “In Rainbows” vibes!

From NPR:

Surely my musical highlight for 2022 was this Tiny Desk concert from The Smile. Just how Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, and Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner were going to perform songs from their sonically adventurous album A Light for Attracting Attention was a puzzle not only to me but to the band. They arrived early, along with saxophonist Robert Stillman, to test out several tunes and figure out just what made sense behind my desk — minus the volume and effects that shape the album’s sonic landscape. For roughly 90 minutes, the Tiny Desk crew was treated to a casual rehearsal, witnessing the band’s creative companionship work itself out, settling on four songs.

More info:

ProtogenX34 has absolutely amazing detail

(extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper), full shot body photo of a (((beautiful badass woman soldier))) with ((white hair)), ((wearing an advanced futuristic fight suit)), ((standing on a battlefield)), scorched trees and plants in background, sexy, professional majestic oil painting by Ed Blinkey, Atey Ghailan, Studio Ghibli, by Jeremy Mann, Greg Manchess, Antonio Moro, trending on ArtStation, trending on CGSociety, Intricate, High Detail, Sharp focus, dramatic, by midjourney and greg rutkowski, realism, beautiful and detailed lighting, shadows, by Jeremy Lipking, by Antonio J. Manzanedo, by Frederic Remington, by HW Hansen, by Charles Marion Russell, by William Herbert Dunton
Negative Prompt:
hat, disfigured, kitsch, ugly, oversaturated, grain, low-res, Deformed, blurry, bad anatomy, disfigured, poorly drawn face, mutation, mutated, extra limb, ugly, poorly drawn hands, missing limb, blurry, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, malformed hands, blur, out of focus, long neck, long body, ugly, disgusting, poorly drawn, childish, mutilated, mangled, old, surreal, text

Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras, Steps: 30, Width: 768, Height: 1024, CFG: 10, Seed: 3430992050

From u/LucidusArt

Audrey Hepburn, Courtesy of Stable Diffusion


Courtesy of u/Dr3amer

(Audrey Hepburn), center of frame, 1girl, smile, realistic face, brown hair, brown eyes, realistic eyes, detailed eyes, dreamy eyes, looking at viewer, night city, ultra-detailed background, beautiful background, solo, portrait, masterpiece, best quality, high resolution, 8k

Negative prompt: (bad legs), one leg, extra leg, (bad face), (bad eyes), ((bad hands, bad anatomy, bad feet, missing fingers, cropped:1.0)), worst quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, (((watermark))), (username), blurry, ugly, old, wide face, ((fused fingers)), ((too many fingers)), amateur drawing, odd, (fat), out of frame, (mutilated:1.3), (deformed:1.3), (gross proportions:1.3), (disfigured:1.3), (mutated hands:1.3), (bad hands:1.3), (extra fingers:1.3), long neck, extra limbs, broken limb, asymmetrical eyes, (earrings)

Steps: 100, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 15, Seed: 4001832079, Size: 512x512, Model hash: 8a3b8d01, Batch size: 6, Batch pos: 5

Model download: